I have had the benefit of Sarah’s coaching for business performance. One of the most valuable things Sarah brings as a coach is her ability to change your perspective on a situation. There have been so many occasions that Sarah helped me see that there was a way forward or that maybe I was pursuing something with an approach that wasn’t the best. She has this perpetual “calm in the storm” demeanor that is enviable, and no matter the issue, I have felt better after talking it through with Sarah. She connects with those she coaches on a personal and professional level, is a fantastic listener and will, no doubt, give you valuable perspective on any situation.
— Jackie Smith - Communications Manager at Westinghouse Electric Company

"She connects with those she coaches on a personal and professional level, is a fantastic listener and will, no doubt, give you valuable perspective on any situation."

Sarah is an exceptional coach who has helped me to become a better leader. After taking the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, I started to view situations in a better way. I started to focus my feelings and perspective in a way that would increase my energy and almost certainly the energy of those around me. Sarah played a pivotal role by asking me all the right questions at the right time. She revealed tremendous insight. I could not be happier with the difference that I’ve seen in myself. Sarah made an enormous difference!
— Wayne Sepitko, Director
I approached Sarah Mayle for coaching when I was contemplating a significant job transition and needed to clarify my personal goals. Sarah helped me articulate my goals, assert my needs, recognize when I was emotionally blowing things out of proportion, and discover my path forward. With Sarah’s coaching, I found true clarity about my next steps toward starting my business, and I felt empowered to take them. Sarah uses an Energy Leadership Index Assessment which I found to be incredibly insightful as I am now more aware of my own limiting beliefs, or “gremlins”, and can choose to respond in more productive ways when they rear their ugly heads. I would recommend Sarah Mayle to people who need a compassionate listener and thought-provoking coach to help them discover how to live and work with a greater sense of purpose.
— Lisa Brownlee, President, Leader's Imago LLC
I first met Sarah Mayle in January 2011 when I joined Westinghouse. It was not long before it became evident that Sarah’s passion was helping others improve their careers and lives through coaching. Through the next few years, Sarah committed to developing her coaching skills to help others. Whether it was a manager wanting to help change an employee’s performance, an employee wanting to improve their career, or someone working through work-life balance challenges; Sarah has been there to make a difference.

With certifications in hand, Sarah has made a big step to become a full-time coach and live her dream. Her passion for helping others drives her life. If you are looking for help making a change in your business or life, Sarah will be there for you. Let her help you find your dream.
— Phil Simmons, Human Resources Manager

"With Sarah’s coaching, I found true clarity about my next steps toward starting my business, and I felt empowered to take them." 

As an executive leader responsible for an organization of over 75 managers, professionals and administrative personnel, I’ve found having access to a strong coaching resource – both for my own growth and that of my leadership team – has been vital for the success of my department.

Sarah was an invaluable asset in her role as a coach. Working with me, and members of my staff, helped us positively challenge ourselves to grow and develop, and to continue striving to be the leaders our folks need – and deserve.

At a personal level, Sarah worked with me through the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, which proved to be a new way to look at what serves as sources, or detractors, of energy in my day-to-day work. That insight, along with Sarah’s input and counsel, have helped me gain a deeper understanding of not only what may be causing frustration in a day but also how to positively and constructively work through the challenge.

Working with Sarah was not only a pleasure, but helped produce results for me and my team. I can’t offer a stronger endorsement than that.
— Director, Engineering
I have a wonderful life, but there was something lurking in the dark recesses that was holding me back. I came to realize, that even when not consciously aware of it, it was affecting my work and my life. Sarah helped me shine a bright light on what was distracting me. Her insightful, probing questions lead me to discover more about my gremlin. With her continued guidance, I look forward to routing out all aspects of it from every hiding place. Thanks to Sarah, I now see a future full of energy where I can focus on what matters.
— Judi, Instructional Designer
Sarah Mayle has been my career coach for the last several months, helping me develop a clearer picture of the direction I want to grow both professionally and personally. She effectively combines her skills in coaching, leadership, and motivational topics to help me identify not just what I want to do with the rest of my life, but what I am really truly passionate about. She has been instrumental in me developing my personal mission statement, advising me as I developed my roadmap to get there, and has stayed engaged and supportive as I move toward my goals. Sarah’s influence has had a positive and lasting impact on my career’s trajectory.
— Mark Dye, Product Technical Manager
Sarah is a natural coach! She challenged me to see things from all perspectives, not just my own. With her help, I am more confident in my skills and that shows in how my team responds.
— Jim, Technical Training Manager
I’ve attended my fair share of courses designed to teach the legal and ethical sides of management. Most of these were focused on conflict resolution and dealing with difficult situations. The leadership coaching Sarah Mayle provided was amazing and went further into exploring who I am as a leader. Sarah is very insightful and cultivates self-awareness by exploring how you react to stressors in your normal environment.

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment she employed was a great tool that showed where I spend my energy and how that translates into my leadership style. It showed me how effective leaders spend more time getting the “win” for their employees without considering their own self-interest. After each session, I left more confident and committed and I’m now able to develop a plan to strengthen my skills and become a better leader for my team.
— Chad Hopkins, Transport Operations Manager

"Sarah's influence has had a positive and lasting impact on my career’s trajectory."

Having Sarah as a coach was such a blessing in my life! She helped me create and take advantage of so many opportunities for my business while also helping me deal with difficult people in a way I was proud of and that brought me peace. When I started working with her, I was going through a major transition in my life and was trying to move past many feelings of overwhelm and get onto really “blooming where I was planted.” She helped me do that by helping me figure out what was getting in the way of my goals and effective strategies to move past it while listening so attentively and being so supportive and encouraging. As a life coach myself, I highly recommend Sarah as a coach who will help you move past overwhelm and get clear about how you want your life to be and make it happen!
— Angela Weeks-Bernard, MPA, Certified Professional Coach, Communications Consultant
Sarah was a supportive, encouraging coach. She listened well and was quick to help me celebrate—something I’m not great at for myself. She gave me plenty of space to search for my own answers, but also gave me some helpful guidance when appropriate.
— Joanna Williams, MBA, CPC, Executive Coach, Teleos Associates
My initial coaching sessions with Sarah were just the beginning of my professional/coaching relationship with her. The topics were tailored to those on which I wanted to focus most, and included relieving workplace stressors via shifting situational perspectives, promoting self-realization of capabilities amidst coworker-imposed doubt, and stocking my toolbox in management of a healthy work-life balance as a working woman, wife, and mother. It will be a pleasure to continue my coaching sessions with Sarah!
— Carrie, engineer

"She provides a safe place, free from judgment to talk and explore what I was experiencing in my job and how I could make the needed changes."

Sarah Mayle Coaching helped me get through a difficult time at work. She sent me the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to complete, and it showed the numbers behind my emotions and what I was feeling. She gave me the tools to be able to deal with my situation and pursue my passions. She was a strong voice of encouragement to work through my fears of starting a new chapter of my life. She provided a safe place, free from judgment to talk and explore what I was experiencing in my job and how I could make the needed changes. She is incredibly easy to talk to and has a wealth of knowledge at her disposal and she was willing to share all she has.
— Erica, former client